Deed Restrictions

Montserrat is committed to upholding the highest standards of design and construction. The Architectural Control Committee, an extension of the Homeowner’s Association, will ensure preeminent builders and designers, working at the top of their craft, will realize the vision of Montserrat. Design standards will ensure every home is luxurious, constructed of the finest materials, and built to complement the natural and man-made surroundings. Some of the standards include the use of primarily masonry material on all residences, superior roofing products rather than composition shingles, and high-quality windows and doors. Homes will be spacious (minimum 3,000 square feet), but will not be overwhelming or inappropriate for the specific lot. Fences will be constructed of stone, iron, or similar material, and each home site will be landscaped with an emphasis on preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the land.

We are creating a community that blends seamlessly with nature, is free from over development and will become more beautiful and distinguished over time. Just as Mary’s Creek will forever chatter over its stones and the leaves turning in Sagrada Park will mark each Autumn, the timeless quality of the residences will be a legacy left by the first families in Montserrat for generations to enjoy.

Important Notices

Montserrat Bylaws

Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and Easements

First Amendment to the First Amended Restated and Supplementary Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements

Architectural Committee Covenants and Restrictions

Guidelines for Display of Certain Religious Items

Guidelines for Display of Flags

Guidelines for Rainwater Recovery Systems

Guidelines for Regulation of Certain Roofing Materials

Guidelines for Solar Energy Devices

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Rules Regarding Operation of Certain Vehicles

Texas Property Code Management Certificate

Executed Policy Regarding Outside Vendors