Approval Forms & Checklists

Click any link below to open a new window and display an approval form. Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

Design Submittal Checklist

The Design Submittal Checklist, along with the applicable plans, documents, and material samples, as well as any additional items requested, must be submitted by the applicant and approved by Montserrat’s Architectural Control Committee prior to construction of any improvement on a lot.

Requirements for Material Sample Board Construction

The document below describes the requirements for material sample board construction referenced in the Design Submittal Checklist.

Builder Qualification Application

All new home builders in Montserrat must complete the application below and be properly approved before being permitted to build in Montserrat.

Builder Escrow Agreement

Builders are required to put up a deposit for escrow in accordance with the document below.

Construction Guidelines

All home builders and contractors working in Montserrat must follow the rules and regulations outlined in the document below.

Drainage Area Map

This document displays the Montserrat drainage area.