Parks & Greenspace

Montserrat has two private parks plus several additional acres of green space. Sagrada Park, the 17-acre nature park, is a refuge from city life. Caressed by the cool waters of Mary’s Creek, the park has walking trails meandering through giant trees and a versatile sports court.

The 2-acre Ridgetop Park is a well-manicured green space with peaceful landscaping, ponds stocked for fishing, and areas for play and picnics. The park can be safely accessible via sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. Outdoor lighting is provided in many of these areas to improve security and enable the residents to enjoy the facilities at night.

Additionally, Montserrat’s building standards are designed to ensure each home site is landscaped with an emphasis on preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and unique features of the land. These standards, combined with the large home sites and relatively few lots, creates a community that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings.